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Neocatechumenal Way

A community awaits you!

Do you feel called to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ? 

Presentation of the Neocatechumenal Way

Blessed Sacrament Parish, Vancouver

“Make them sit down in groups of about fifty each.” Luke 9:14

In Luke 9:10-17, Jesus withdraws privately with his disciples. Yet, the crowds discover where He is and follow Him. As evening comes, the disciples want to send the people away, but Jesus says no. Instead, Jesus makes them sit in small groups feeds them.

Being fed by Jesus in small groups is the dynamic of the Neocatechumenal way.

On a regular basis, in our parish, we invite everyone, parishioners and non-parishioners alike, to attendcatecheses, which are sessions giving an opportunity to reflect on our existential situation and discover what it is to be fed by Jesus. Attendees are invited to form small groups who will receive nourishment from the Lord through listening to the Word of God, live together the sacraments of the Church and, God willing, slowly gain greater communion and love for one another by the gift of the Holy Spirit.

At the end of the two months of catechesis, we celebrate a solemn liturgy of the Word presided, if possible, by the Bishop, head of Christian initiation in the Diocese. This liturgy is followed by a retreat from Friday evening to Sunday evening. At the end of this retreat, those who are interested can continue to receive nourishmentfrom the Lord together through the following meetings:

  • A liturgy of the word one evening in the middle of the week (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday).

  • The celebration of the Eucharist on Saturday evening.

  • Once a month, a Sunday retreat, where the liturgy of the Lauds, celebrated in the morning, is followed by a time where everyone can freely share their experience and the action of God in their life.

According to our experience, those who participate grow in intimacy with the Lord, live a deep reconciliation with their history and can receive from the Holy Spirit the gift of love for others as Jesus loved us. This dynamic is also a tremendous help to families for the transmission of faith to their children. Since everyone above 13 years old is invited, this dynamic also helps to keep youth in the Church after Confirmation.

As we have received freely, we are very happy give freely, so there is no cost associated with attending the catechesis and, if people don’t come at the end, this is not a problem either; we are happy to enter into God’s time!

Sincerely in Christ, 
Father Gilbert (pastor of the parish)

Jessica and Vincent Tourvieille (parishioners)


Vincent and Jessica Tourvieille

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